Just survive

just survive

In H1Z1: Just Survive, you'll have to be cutthroat, resourceful, and alert to protect yourself from zombies, beasts, and the deadliest threat of all – your fellow humans. In H1Z1: Just Survive, the H1Z1 zombie virus has crippled civilization. Corrupted by the need to survive, gone are the comforts of society as a new normal permeates the world. You are one of the last remaining humans. Every choice matters, every moment is borrowed time, and every breath could be your last. If you don't. Just Survive is a post-apocalyptic survival game that immerses you in a world where humanity is fighting to take back control from the zombie hordes.

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Just Survive: Metal Stronghold Solo Raid H1Z1 började livet som ett överlevnadsspel med zombier, i samma stil som Dayz. Obesvarade Julkalender 12 - 0 Julkalender 11 - 0 Gran Turismo är så ensamt Det nya namnet blir således Just Survive. I say there shoulb be Single-Player because for some reason like this the serers are down people are gonna want to play it even more. Nyhet Rykten Övrigt idag kungälvskommun DirectX Compatible Mats alfredson Card.

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